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My photographic style is based on detail and accuracy gained from my background in illustration.  My hope is that these skills, combined with an understanding of light and a natural eye, will lead to paintings with mood, atmosphere and realism and to portray scenes and events as they actually were.

Recently, the main outlets focataloguesr my original artwork have been Christie's in London, where I have submitted regularly to their spring and autumn marine art auctions and The Rountree Tryon Gallery with regular submissions to their annual marine show. Being a regular consignor to Christie's has led to a heightened awareness of my work with some of the biggest names in art collecting my paintings. Christie's have said:

 “Jamie Medlin is one of the finest living marine artists,whose work has garnered international recognition.  His near photographic attention to detail is perfectly suited to the  yachts he depicts, evoking memories of the golden age of yachting, which when combined with the colour and vibrancy of his paintings makes these works modern masterpieces.”

The painting below is one of my best ever paintings and is of of an incredible event. It is of the epic fight back by Oracle Team USA in the 2013 America's Cup. Oracle overturned an 8-1 deficit to win 9-8 in the final race of the best America's Cup ever and what was described as one of the biggest comebacks in sporting history. I have been given a massive honour, with this artwork being on the front and back cover of the Christies auction catalogue (the only time this has ever been done!).  This will also be the front cover image on the last volume of a 13 volume book on the America's Cup, due to be released in the very near future.  (Details to follow).   My hope is that I have done justice to these incredible yachts and the stunning spectacle they created...... 

americas cup 1280px

The America's Cup , San Francisco 2013



The artwork, Return of the J-Class - The Solent 2012 (above inset) was previously given the privilege of being on the front cover of the auction catalogue for their autumn sale which took place in November 2012, an honour I have now received three times in recent years, the first being in May 2010 (also inset above). Please go to the News section of this website and click on the J-Class in the Solent Painting to see the artwork from it's concept to completion, to the Artwork Gallery section to see the full image, or to to see further details about the artwork.  This artwork broke a personal record for a price achieved for one of my artworks - the second highest price ever achieved by a living marine artist.  As well as the catalogue front covers, Christie's have also selected my work for use on several pieces of promotional material, including a piece in their brochure 'Celebrating 25 years of Maritime Art'.  


jamie-portrait-webThe exposure from Christie's has led to some very high profile commissions, including two paintings of the world’s largest privately owned clipper ship The Maltese Falcon, for venture capitalist Tom Perkins and two paintings of Lulworth, for owner Johan van den Bruele.  There have been two paintings of Eric Clapton's motor yacht Va Bene and more recently I have finished a commission for the owner of the J-Class yacht Velsheda.

My paintings have been featured in marine art publications about some of the most prominent classic yachts sailing today, including Lulworth, Mariquita, Mariette and a new publication 'Ranger to Rainbow' about the J-Class with others having been requested.

The painting featured at the top of this page is a close-up section of my 2011 submission for Christie's. (Please go to to see further details and go to the Artwork Gallery section to see the full image). It is of one of the world’s most beautiful yachts, Mariquita during the 2010 Pendennis Cup in Falmouth and it fetched a new record for one of my artworks at that time.

The next display of yachting work will be at the Rountree Tryon gallery in their October marine show.  Please see the News section for details in the near future . . .

I have recently returned to painting my other passion again - Cornish seascapes, with two new galleries exhibiting my work; Fowey River Gallery, and Beside The Wave Gallery in Falmouth along with various other outlets showing displays of the many limited edition marine prints I produce.  Go to 'Originals'/Gallery Details to see a list of outlets.  Please see below one of my recent favourites Trevissome Sunrise, now available as a limited edition print!


Keep an eye on this site for new paintings as they are completed...

 trevissome sunrise 1280px

 Trevissome Sunrise