tuiga-410x410I have been painting maritime subjects for over 30 years, starting with the Falmouth Working Boat fleet and scenes of the local area.  In 1986, at the age of 16, I enrolled at Falmouth School of Art and Design to study illustration where I gained the knowledge and fine art skills that have become the basis of my style today. After several years working as an illustrator in London and Australia, I returned home to my native Cornwall and have taken these skills into maritime art.

Owners of classic yachts can be very exacting about all aspects of their boat, particularly presentation and appearance.  My hope is that my photographic style, based on detail and accuracy, lends itself perfectly to paintings of a maritime theme.

When moving back home to Falmouth in 1997, the natural step was to paint the abundance of yachting activity on my doorstep. The subsequent paintings led to a faithful local following, which was cemented by the success of several solo exhibitions.

In 2001, my career path changed direction when a friend offered me the chance to attend the Jubilee Regatta in Cowes. I knew the event was going to be an incredible spectacle judging from the entry list; but nothing could have prepared me for what I witnessed. Everywhere I looked there was another beautiful boat. The sheer size of the vessels was one thing, but add to that their grace and beauty . . . it was stunning!

On my return home I had a renewed enthusiasm, wanting to transfer the impact and splendour of these stunning craft onto canvas. I felt I needed to paint much larger pictures to portray the scale and detail in these vast vessels.

The impact from the larger paintings I produced caught the eye of several notable galleries and also led to interest from Christie's in London.  After many years of continued success with Christie's, the worldwide exposure is enabling me to reach a much bigger audience; the result of which is now a long waiting list, with commissions for some of the biggest names in yachting.

My intention is to follow the great classic yachts and important yachting occasions around the globe and to portray them in a way that does justice to the stunning sight they create.

Keep an eye on this site for new paintings as they are completed ...