J-Class in Falmouth painting

Falmouth J-Class painting finished


Lionheart and fleet, J-Class Regatta, Falmouth, 2012

This painting is now sold, keep an eye on the website to see the next painting for sale at Christie's marine auction in June 2014.


J-Class in Falmouth painting - Stage 1

Stage 1 - The CompositionFirst we draft out the basic composition for the painting from the chosen reference.

J-Class painting Falmouth - Stage 2

Stage 2 - The SkyWhen Lionheart is drafted into position, we then know the area of sky to be painted.

J-Class painting Falmouth - Stage 3

Stage 3 -Sea Base ColoursNext I'll block in the sea base colours, showing just where the main waves are going to be.

J-Class painting Falmouth - Stage 4

4 - sail base coloursAfter drafting out the background on the right, the other boats and creating the entire composition, I've blocked in the sail base colours of the main yacht.  After this I've worked on a small area of the background on the left, painted in Pendennis Castle and put down some base colour for the land below the castle.  When the main sail base colours are dry, I can then draft on all of the detail within the sails.

J-Class painting Falmouth - Stage 5

background draftNext I've drawn the backdrop to the left of the picture - Falmouth seafront.

J-Class painting Falmouth - Stage 6

backgroundAfter drafting Falmouth seafront I can now start the job of painting it!  I've then put on base colours for the other three boats, Ranger, Velsheda and Rainbow and dratfted the deck detail onto Lionheart. Now starting to take shape!


J-Class painting Falmouth - Stage 7

deckAfter drafting the deck of Lionheart I can now start filling in the basic first coat of base colours.  



J-Class painting Falmouth - Stage 8

sail tints and detailAfter drafting in the sail detail, I have now tinted the sails, adjusting the position of highlights and shadows and the overall colour.  I have also started building up the sea by putting in the main waves and detail to get the overall feel of the sea-state.  



J-Class painting Falmouth - Stage 9

9 whole pictureNearly there!  Several tints have been added, building up the sky. I've tried to make the clouds softer with more dimension, while giving some perspective to them which I hope will give the painting depth.  As well as this, I have added final tints on the sails, finalised and tightened up the detail in the background and added detail to the sea, which hopefully gives a little more movement.  Just final detail such as the rigging to go over the sail tints and we're done.