Mariquita - Westward Cup 2010

This was the other of the pieces which came up for auction at Christie's in London on June 5th 2014.

It is of Mariquita during Saturday's race of the 2010 Westward Cup.

The race saw a mixed bag of conditions within the one race. A mixture of dappled cloud and glorious sunshine with a good breeze got us off to a lively start, heading west down the Solent to the windward mark. On approaching the Needles a massive fog bank rolled in making a very eerie scene.

Mariquita made the mark first, with Tuiga second, Mariette third and the sad sight of Eleonora without her topmasts, which were lost in the pre-regatta practice.

This scene see’s Mariquita carrying a mass of sail, goose-winging up the Solent, leaving the fog bank at the Needles with Mariette in front of Hurst point with Eleonora in the distance just passing the Needles light.

Despite spinnaker trouble, Tuiga went on to take the win, followed by Mariquita, Mariette third with Eleonora some distance behind.

This painting is now sold.

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