J-Class in the Solent Painting

Painting the J-Class in the Solent

With the monumentous return of the J-class to British waters, with regattas in Falmouth and the Solent, it was the obvious step for me to attend and to try and get reference to compose a painting to depict this triumphant occasion.

This piece is the first to be painted by me from either of the J-Class regattas in England this year.  It is of the end of Friday's race of the Solent regatta. Velsheda is leading Rainbow, with Lionheart and Ranger battling it out at the back of the field.  


J-Class Composition Sketch

sketch-800x604This is the initial composition sketch for the next painting to be completed which will be for sale at auction with Christies in November of this year.

It shows Velsheda (J K7) leading the fleet under spinnaker up the western Solent towards the race finish, off Cowes.

Please see the follow up 'Progression' posts to see the artwork evolve.

Progression - 1

1 sky tintFirst of all, I draft in the position of the main yacht - in this case, Velsheda.  Then I put on a sky 'base coat' which is just a general position guide to get things in the right place.  Later on, I'll build up the detail and colour with secondary tints.

Progression - 2

studio-800x533Second stage of the J-Class painting with the composition and main base colours in place.

Progression - 3

3 seaNext, we start building up the sea by putting in the main waves and then start adding some detail to them.

Progression - 4

4 deck detailThe main part of the painting - the deck of Velsheda.

Progression - 5

5 bb boats draftI'm now drafting and painting the background flotilla of boats which I'm hoping will add a lot of the atmosphere to the painting.

Progression - 6

6 bb boatsContinuing to put in the background flotilla.

Progression - 7

7 draft detail spinThe next level of detail gets drafted onto the sails.  After this I will paint a semi-translucent tint over the top of the drafted detail. This is to tweek the position and strength of colour, highlights and shadows and also builds opacity.  This tint enables me to see the detail that is drafted underneath so that I can then paint in that detail over the top of the tint. 

Progression - 8 'The finished painting'

8 finished-paintingThis process is applied to the whole painting and then I'll add any final details, build up the sea and fine tune things to bring the painting to it's finish.

I hope you like the result . . .