Jamie Medlin - Marine Artist

Light Airs To The Finish

Eleonora meandering to the finish line under that typical St.Tropez late afternoon sky.

Original oil on canvas – 33″ x 22″ (41″ x 30″ Framed)

The 2007 Les Voiles de St.Tropez was one of my early classic yacht regatta’s and I was excited to witness all the yachts on my wish list that I hadn’t seen at previous regatta’s. I was thrilled to finally see the replica of the legendary classic yacht Westward . . . and she certainly was a sight to behold.

On Thursday’s race, with overcast conditions, I had little hope of it being a day that would produce any reference worthy of painting. I had followed the J- Class, Cambria and Lulworth for most of the day and started to head in. As we headed home, the cloud started to break over the hills as the sun was dropping behind the iconic St.Tropez skyline. There is something magical about the light in the South of France, particularly over St.Tropez – I witnessed it again last year. The eeriest and moodiest of skies developed directly behind the finish line and I had the pleasure of following three of my favourite classic yachts to the finish – Mariquita, Lulworth and Eleonora.   With that backdrop, it was a very special moment and an image that will stay with me forever. This is my depiction of Eleonora heading to the finish line . . . .